Kaleidoscope Tube

Our Ref #: 4KALE



Explore the variety of patterns and images created with this kaleidoscope. A calming sensory tool to encourage visual tracking.

This visual sensory tool creates a calming environment for users to focus on the patterns and engage visually with the toy. Ideal for use as an ABA reinforcer toy or simple visual distraction tool when people are overwhelmed by their environment visually and need to refocus on a soothing sight.

Insert a glitter tube (included) and peek through the hole to watch the changing visual magic inside. 
Not designed to be thrown or bang with extreme force. We suggest a grip support tool if throwing is a possibility. Colours vary and additional tubes are available as 4GLTT (please tell us your current colour).

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Rene L.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 05/01/15
very cool. nice quality