Fiber Optic Carpet:- Size: 6' x 6' - Large - 6' x 6'


When activated, points of light slowly change colour. May be placed on the floor or hung on wall with simple, large head screws. Includes the sparkle light source - 9FOLS and 72" square, acrylic, carpet. Easy to wipe down with anti bacterial cleansers as there is no electricity into the carpet. Upgrade to an Interactive Light Source with 9FOLSN, call our office if you are unsure about benefits of interactive lighting. Stock is available in two sizes 3' x 3' (9FOCP) or 6' x 6' sizes. If you wish an alternative size, please email us for pricing and options.


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 72" x 72" square
  • Power: Transformer