Suspended Padded T-Bar Swing

Our Ref #: 8EMTB


Offer a challenge and integrated ride for anyone who opposes a regular swing. Adapted for bigger people so that teenagers and adults can swing! Challenge balance and bilateral strength. A suspended See-saw provides vestibular input for your more sophisticated clients. Riding on a swing creates the kind of play that benefits children creatively, socially, physically and intellectually, along with helping to establish healthy exercise habits. Swinging and other kinds of free play helps to accelerate cognitive, motor, social and emotional development. If a child does not interact through free play enough in his or her first six years of life, this may lead to a lifetime of limited brain power. Reasoning, problem solving, discovery and dexterity skills all tend to improve when a child immerses in swinging and other playful activities. From a physical fitness perspective, the act of swinging on swings can help build strength, balance and other developmental skills. It is especially beneficial for the vestibular system, along with proprioception development. Since the body maintains balance from the sensory information it receives from a combination of vision, proprioception and the vestibular system, utilizing swings can help a child to achieve improved balance and posture. Size 36" Long x 36" High. Tall Suspension Frame sold separately.