Padded Trampoline



Combine the excitement and multi-learning platform of a Mini trampoline with a large padded surround to keep your jumper a little more contained. A soft orange cushion surrounds the edges to conceal the springs, cushion falls, and keep users from falling off. It has a heavy-gauge steel framework trampoline with, UV-tested quality, 20mm thick padding, and an anti-graze 32" diameter jumping mat, individual bungee straps to provide resistance and rebound or bounce. As an investment into long-term active sensory exploration, this trampoline is designed to last years with very little maintenance (beyond frequent tightening bolts and checking the position of the bungee straps). 3 adjustable tension settings that allow changes to mat firmness for a customized bounce. Virtually silent and wonderfully smooth, cushioned, yet lively bounce. Over 40% reduction on impact as compared to traditional rebounders.

We have maximized the safe surround of this trampoline by providing a vinyl-covered padded foam barrier to cover the steel legs and frame.

Use trampoline exercises to help people work on core strength, balance, confidence, coordination, and more. This is a great tool to help reluctant kids get moving-- it’s so much fun to bounce and play! Use specific exercises and activities or simply allow users to jump freely

Many parents report that a trampoline is highly sought after for sensory gym and active ply rooms to keep users entertained AND actively burning off energy in preparation for a good night's sleep. Please provide constant supervision of this product when in use.

 Includes detailed instructions with pictures to help make assembly a breeze but we are always here to assist.

Floor space Required 48" Square.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 40" x 40" x 14" High
  • Warning: Max 250 pound user weight