Mia Empathy Doll



Imaginative play with dolls can bring a number of benefits to children of all ages and abilities. ‘Looking after’ a doll can involve a range of activities including feeding, dressing, playing, bathing and putting them to bed, which can help children with developmental delays due to conditions such as Downs’ Syndrome and Autism prepare for independent living as they get older. Mia’s soft body and dress provide tactile input, and her comforting weight provides proprioceptive input for children that may not otherwise enjoy touching and cuddling due to sensory processing disorders. She is specifically designed to instantly create empathy with the child using her thanks to her friendly, open face and realistic qualities such as being able to sit up and lie down. Fine motor and gross motor skills can be improved by the actions of picking Mia up, cuddling and dressing her, as well as by making her ‘walk’, dance and jump. She can also help to develop speech and language skills – children can communicate with her, safe in the knowledge that they will not be corrected or chastised in any way approximately 50 cm tall