Bumpy River Climbing Mat


Created alongside psycho-motor therapists, the Tiny Tot Module range has been specifically designed to promote the learning of motor skills and sensory exploration in children.
Perfect for playing on the ground or at a low height, our Tot modules can be combined with each other in an infinite number of ways to create fun, sensory courses (colours, textures, mirrors), depending on what your child needs or wants. 
Best for people learning to crawl, climb, slide and balance. Challenge your vestibular and proprioception - your balance, motor planning, large and small muscles, and body positions as you traverse this bumpy padded river. 
* 1 screen-printed river mat with anti slip back
• 1 mat with four waves with anti slip back
• 1 large hump
• 2 small humps
SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 19" wide x 96" Long