Quiet Soothing Fidget Kit


A perfect sensory solution for overstimulation and quick on-the-go calming distraction. Calming and playfully therapeutic, this little take-along sensory set helps you work through stressful and anxious situations. When too much unanticipated or seemingly uncontrollable sensory stimulation can lead to sensory overload and meltdowns of our verbal communication system.
 Many people or children with autism find it challenging to express their overwhelming and distressing feelings with words. Sometimes they have trouble understanding their own feelings of discomfort. So when children with autism become overwhelmed and anxious, their lack of innate self-calming abilities often leads to a buildup of emotions and that leads to autism meltdowns.
 Squishy Pull & Flip Inside Out Animal
 Push Pop Bracelet - loop
 Soft Popping Avacado on a clip
 Wind-up Chattering Teeth 
 Four Finger Lights
 Scented non-toxic dough
 Whacky Track twister - long
 Fluorescent Light-up Super Ball


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