Squeeze Whistle



Hold the Soft Vinyl bulb in your hand, under your arm or foot, and compress to be rewarded with a whistling sound. Say goodbye to dirty whistles in your mouth. Squish and knead the flexible shape to make the whistle. Better than messy dough activities - with added sound!

Develop and improve grip strength for everyday functional skills.  We need to have adequate muscle strength to use the monkey bars, hold a drinking cup, writing utensil, telephone and get dressed.

Squeeze the bulb to produce a loud high-pitched whistle. Activate proprioception and grip skills, challenge the strength and depth of fine motor control. Roll and squish the bulb to product the whistle sound.

Squeezable Referee style whistle.

Price is for 1 only.  Colours vary.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 4" High x 2" Wide

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Chad J.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 02/10/20
Works great. Used at school for outdoor classes.