Classic Mobile Sensory Cart



The Vecta Distraction Station is ideal where space is at a premium, such as Hospitals and Nursing Homes.  Converts waiting rooms, treatment rooms and bedrooms into relaxing, distracting and empowering Multi-Sensory Environments.
It can be moved easily from room to room on its sturdy wheels and requires only one plug to transform the room with the "Big 3" Multi-Sensory items: Bubble Column, Projector and Fiber Optics.

Helps to Normalize environments through Play: Using play as a primary tool, a mobile sensory cart supports the following three major goals:
1.  To build therapeutic, supportive relationships with people in care and their families
2.  To provide consistent play opportunities to normalize the environment
3.  To provide education about the health care environment through the use of developmentally appropriate language and preparation tools

The Vecta Classic Unit includes:   Interactive Bubble Tube, Colour Controller Button Box , 100 Tails of Animated Fibre Optics, Interactive SNAP Projector, 2 TFH Effects Wheels of your choice, Auditory Sound Spa, Aroma Therapy Fan with oils.