Air Balance Board


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Gonge Air Balance Board to Sharpen balance skills with the power of air!

On the top is a hard platform with a textured, non-slip surface while on the bottom is an inflatable rubber bubble. Fill it with air and climb aboard - Instantly the challenge begins.

Try and keep it perfectly balanced. Try balancing on one foot instead of two. Or, collect multiple Air Balance Boards and line them up into an intense, topsy-turvy obstacle course!

The active play possibilities are endless!

Inspire your kids to exercise creatively with the Gonge Air Balance Board.

Gonge Air Balance Board
Inflatable balance board
Encourages active play, exercise, creativity
Top features sturdy, textured, non-slip surface
On the bottom is an inflatable rubber bubble - Ensures smooth, gentle movements
Includes one Air Balance Board
Holds up to 220 lbs