Peanut, Sensory Saddle Roll Options


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Peanut Shaped sensi-saddle rolls are a favorite therapy ball and are easier to control than round exercise balls because the motion is limited to the side to side rotation. These colorful, inflatable, molded heavy-duty rolls can support up to 300 pounds. Rolls aid in developing muscles, coordination, and balance. Further, the “saddle" offers extra support for the patient. Inflatable rolls also make a great addition to individual physical fitness regimes. Textured nubby surface adds tactile and visual elements to ball therapy. Possible use suggestions: To improve dynamic balance by sitting or lying on top of the ball Activities to facilitate movement and general gross motor coordination Exercises to increase core strength by working on the abdomen and back control Sensory activities such as applying deep pressure with the ball to calm Gradual introduction of increased weight bearing activities to improve muscle tone and strength Games and fun activities to improve cognitive skills and encourage cooperation. Available in 3 sizes: Sensi-Saddle Roll - SMALL  (Yellow )- 16" Dia x 35" L (40 cm Dia cm x 90 cm L Sensi-Saddle Roll - MEDIUM (Orange) - 20" Dia x 39" L (50 cm Dia x 100 cm L) Sensi-Saddle Roll - LARGE (Green) - 24" Dia x 43" L (60 cm Dia x 110 cm L)

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Jessie S.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 28/06/22
For the price, it should have came with the hand pump. Otherwise happy with the product.