Heavy Work Therapy Ropes


The proprioceptive system is activated any time we push or pull on objects(such as closing or opening a car door), as well as any time the joints are compressed together or stretched apart (such as jumping up and down or hanging on monkey bars). This system helps us understand how much force we are using and whether we need to use more or less force in order to successfully complete the task, such as when colouring, cutting our food with a fork and knife, or opening a door. It can also sometimes be the reason why some kids hang, lean, and climb on EVERYTHING. Proprioceptive input tends to have a calming and organizing effect on the body, particularly when feeling overstimulated or overwhelmed. Proprioception also helps us better balance (modulate) the sensory input coming in from the other sensory systems so we can more accurately respond to it (such as the loud noises we hear or the feelings of certain textures on our skin or in our mouth, for example). Rope is 9ft long. 2" dia and weights 3lbs. Price is for 1 (one) rope only.


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