Fine Motor Sea Play Animals


Helping kids with pencil grasp can be a complicated matter. Kids can hold the pencil too tightly or with an immature grasp no matter how many pencil grips you try. But, there is hope with therapeutic Sea Life animals. By using play activities to help kids build a better pencil grasp, kids develop a grasp that is strong and dexterous in ways that carryover to holding a pencil. Try these tripod grasp activities to help kids with pencil grasp development. 

Use this 12 piece kit to Improve and Develop:
Isolation of the fingers through Play.
Motoric Separation of the Two Sides of the Hands
Develop hand dominance and preference
Open Thumb Web Space - essential for true opposition of the thumb to the precision side of the hand
Precision in rotation, release and grasp
Bilateral Coordination with hand activities

Kit includes twelve Sea Life Creatures (additional items shown are for scale and ideas).


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