Adventure Pear Beanbag Swing



The Suspended Pear Beanbag Swing is used for developing bilateral motor co-ordination, balance reflexes, visuomotor co-ordination, tonic (especially labyrinthine) reflex integration, improving postural (flexion and extensor) muscle tone and general stimulation of the nervous system through strong activation of the vestibular and proprioceptive system receptors. It can be used as a Pouf Pear for sitting, as a punching bag, and as a soft Seed swing suspended from two wide connection points. Convertible hanging options provide suspension points for hanging under one hook (in the pear shape) and under two hooks (for the seed shape). A fun way of doing Sensory Exercises and an essential part of any Sensory Diet prescribed by an Occupational Therapist. diameter 90 cm (36") x height 110 cm (44") Max weight: 90 kg (200 lbs) Assembly: Some assembly required. Includes three ropes for suspension. Out of Stock. Available for pre-purchase - New Stock Expected to arrive early September 2020.