Giant Hill Tops


Five Gonge Hilltops in different heights will inspire people with autism to jump, step, reach, and motor plan for coordinated movements from top to top.  Gonge Hilltops develop a person's ability to estimate distances and make them familiar with heights.

Each top is provided with a rubber base or ‘feet’, which prevent them from slipping and protect the floor. Hilltops are made so that they cannot overturn easily - these are a very stable and strong product.

"My child LOVES climbing on stuff. These gave him a designated place to climb and balance so he felt less compelled to balance on the back of the couch. The hilltops are nice and sturdy, they're not slippery, and they stay in place. They nest/stack nicely which makes clean up a breeze. We have also played "Simon Says and Lava" style games."

Set of 5 tops in three heights: Approximately:1′ 2″wide by 3″ “high, 1′ 4″ wide by 7″ high, 1′ 5″ wide by 10” high

Maximum weight capacity: Approx. 220 lbs


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