Tasha - Facial Emotions Doll


Tasha our Emoti plush doll make expressive play interactive and easy! 

Tasha emotion identification doll helps you identify, understand or teach facial communication and expressions.

Unlike other static plush toys, these plush dolls stand 1 foot tall (12 inches) and have pliable eyebrows and pliable red lined mouths that can be moved around to display instant reactions and different emotions. Dolls can provide teachable moments and help children learn, recognize, and practice both the emotions and facial expressions connected to a particular feeling (Happy, Sad, Angry, Confused, Surprised, and more). Dolls are filled with polyester filling. Outsides are lush and plush, and finished with high-quality embroidered eyes, stitching, and details.
  • Promotes early childhood creativity, interpersonal skills, and social interaction
  • Children can change the doll's features to reflect the emotions they want to express
  • Can serve as therapy tool and help aid in emotion recognization and empathy skills for children of all abilities
  • Encourages mindfulness of various beliefs and attitudes, as well as multicultural, multi-ethnic, and gender diversity


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