Musical Heated Waterbeds

Our Ref #: 8WBMBS

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Water is an excellent medium for music and vibroaccoustic therapy. The warmth of the waterbed encourages relaxation of tense muscles and freedom to move as never before. The vibroacoustic feature stimulates muscles and joints and provides much-needed sensory input to enhance body awareness and independence. The hoist-accessible base is fitted with two musical resonators that plugin like a single speaker would to a stereo. The base is made of sturdy wood and fitted with the needs resonators to accomplish vibroacoustic resonance musical therapy. The stereo system is included.  

The included stereo must be used to prevent any failures. Comes with a receiver and CD player. Our stereo is Bluetooth compatible. Now you can connect your phone or tablet to our stereo receiver and select your favourite music to resonate in this sensory room waterbed. The warranty is void if the incorrect stereo is used.

Easy access for everyone. Covered in phthalate-free vinyl for easy cleaning and disinfecting. 

Truck Shipment. Loading dock or Liftgate/Inside Delivery necessary to receive shipment.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 85" x 49" x 18"