Somacoustic Fluffy Crab



Highly detailed and tactile character in heavy duty fabric with varying soft textures. Comfortable to relax on and bright enough to stimulate play.

Resonates your body at a cellular level with your music thanks to the internal SomaBase Shaker. Somacoustic therapy is a type of sound therapy that involves passing pure low frequency sound wave vibrations into the body via a device with embedded speakers. It is not about filling the room with sounds or music.

It’s thought that brain waves at a frequency of 40 Hz are the carriers of information that control movement; the transducers of this system are fine tuned to produce vibrations between 20 and 100 Hz, which are almost too low to hear audibly, but whose vibrations can add stimulation to brainwaves / body.

This is cellular level therapy. VAT or Vibroacoustic Therapy uses vibrations produced by low frequency sounds to “massage” deep parts of the body, which could help patients with neurological diagnosis such as Parkinson’s.

The Crab (and all other Somacoustic Products)requires a connection to a Somacoustic Controller (not included) click here: 9RSX

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 98 x 103 x 17cm