Giggle Bean Bag


Responds to being dropped by laughing out loud. Put simply, it's a bean bag that laughs manically when thrown, dropped or nudged. Each plush bag has a cartoon face design on one side that evokes a smile! Drop, throw, toss, smash or squish this palm sized bean bag and it will laugh and laugh and laugh. Price is for one bean bag


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Additional Information

  • Power: Includes Batteries

5 Reviews

Mrs s e C.Verified Buyer.
excellent!...Mother rang to thank me,and said her little boy was really interested in BOTH the gifts,given...and had also been suggested by the group,attended!I am so thankful,as without YOUR help I would NOT know where to start!!You will be hearing from me again ,very soon!!THANKS!
Rosalind B.Verified Buyer.
I am very happy with the price, the packaging, the product (hilarious) and Iris Williams's help when the first delivery went missing and I contacted her. Recommend this company.
Deborah K.Verified Buyer.
A lot of fun for a good price! Unfortunately one was broken on receipt but the team tfh put it right immediately. Super customer service.
Frankie D.Verified Buyer.
Excellent quality. My son is enjoying playing with it.
Heather C.Verified Buyer.
My son loves his giggle bag. It would be good if you could purchase several, in a variety of colours and expressions.