Kibo Music made with Shapes

Our Ref #: 6KIBO


Kibo is a super-powered soundboard, a highly adaptive and inclusive musical instrument designed to be played with curiosity, in a self-directed and innovative music program. A multi-platform instrument with a true fusion of technology, musicology, and fun that supports a systematic process that utilizes recreation and other activity-based interventions to address the musical needs of people with varied musical abilities.

Freeing from music theory and facilitating the use of the instrument for users with special needs, children and people without musical skills.

Therapy Freedom and Happiness are optimized when inclusion and opportunity are realized.

TFH is proud to present Kibo Music. Many electronic toys create annoying repetitive sounds or juvenile bleeps, and some musical instruments require a trained teacher. Kibo is real music that is light, tough, and cutting-edge technology from Italy.

Engagingly simple, but fiendishly complex under the hood, Kibo presents 3 complex forms of music composition to the user through its 8 simple, chunky, wooden blocks. These lovely tactile shapes stack magnetically and snap into place on the smooth board pleasingly, and that's when the magic begins.

Tap the blocks to play 40 different instruments (just turn the knob to change) in mode one - the harder you tap, the louder they play (it's a musical instrument). Build complex compositions by adding and removing the blocks in mode two - the lower 4 blocks build a bassline, the upper 4 build the harmony.
The keyboard (Shapes) offers two types of musical interaction: inserting or extracting modules allows to combine musical loops, activating or silencing the parts of an arrangement; percussion lets you play melodies, rhythms and compose chords like a traditional musical instrument.
Mode 3 is a combo mode, the top row builds up a melody, while the bottom row allows you to tap out an accompanying beat.

 Rechargeable Battery powered (holds a 40 hour charge, recharges like a phone). 
 Standard micro-USB plug required to charge but NOT included.