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As part of communication, smells can arouse memories, geographic cognition. According to  smell aroused the memory of the visually impaired and inspired
their willingness to communicate*.

Indulge your senses with the velvety soft touch, the dynamic look, and the wonderful scent and discover just how amazing SCENTSory putty can make you feel.

Get your chocolate fix with Chocolotta SCENTsory Putty™! Its rich, double chocolate scent and rainbow sparkles make any day feel like a special occasion

Bright, sunny and refreshing, Orangesicle SCENTsory Putty™  delights with scents of juicy orange and sweet cream.

Treat yourself to something sweet! Scented with ripe strawberry and creamy vanilla, Scoopberry Scentsory Putty® is a cool way to play. It looks just like a spoonful of strawberry ice cream in your hand. 

As always, Non-Toxic, Made in the USA.
New size 2.75"

* 13th International Conference of the EAD, University of Dundee, 10-12 April 2019, Anran Fenga, Yingjie Victor, Chenb, Rui Lic*,Lu Dingd

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