Adjustable Postural & Muscle Platform

Our Ref #: 8EMPLA


Provides many multi-sensory opportunities with extra stabilizing features to support balance training on this 30" square suspended platform swing. Adjustable to offer partial or significant core and balance stabilization opportunities. With one suspension point to allow the child to go on different planes of movement to increase the vestibular input and therapeutic challenge. Sensory Integration therapeutic equipment used for shaping bilateral motor coordination, equivalent reactions, eye-hand coordination, integration of tonic reflexes (especially Tononic Lingering Reflex), strengthening postural muscle tone / flexion and extension, and general stimulation of the nervous system by gentle or strong stimulation of the vestibular and proprioceptive receptors. Add a Vertical Bouncer for added sensory solutions! Sensory Integration is a therapy that should be carried out by suitably trained and qualified people. These swings are intended for controlled movements - they are not toys.